The Facebook Problem

Continuing on from my last post –> 

I have been finding my facebook page pretty useless. When checking my Etsy stats I rarely see any traffic from there and getting followers is like pulling teeth. I have nearly 100 followers, (not a lot I know), but still I thought there would be at least a few clicks! So I started looking into it. I noticed that a good friend of mine over at –> had posted a comment on her facebook page that she was also getting very few views. That facebook page has 13k + followers! (

Upon researching it I learned that last year facebook had changed their algorithms so that even though a user “likes” a business page they are unlikely to see any posts unless the business pays for it. As I mentioned in my previous post its  a pay per post system not a monthly service and for a small no budget start up it’s expensive.

Here is a good article explaining it:

It looks like having a facebook page isn’t a bad idea but that it is not the business grower small business owners thought it would be. So I’ll keep mine up but I think I’ll use my energy on other social platforms to get my name out there.

Thanks to Etsy as long as I keep updating my tags to match trends traffic still seems to make it to my site. Now I just need to keep searching for ways to get sales too!


One thought on “The Facebook Problem

  1. Some of the sites I *like* also experienced these Fb problems. I believe they also had problems when they got too many *likes*! Facebook needs to let small businesses grow instead of limiting them!!!


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