So I Work in a Call Centre

I work in a call center supporting cell phone users. It blows my mind the sort of people who call in and their sense of entitlement. Also the stupidity so much stupidity.  I’ve learned that if you know your way around a computer and you understand if you use it you pay for it you’re not calling in. So we hear from the totally tech illiterate and/ or freeloaders .. in most cases.  Yeah there are some legit callers .. but they aren’t the ones making me grateful for my benefit plan…


On buying a cell phone:

Take a little test before you buy a phone,

Do you know what an app is? No? Flip phone it is.

Do you know how to turn off your data? What’s data you ask? No phone for you.

Did you just refer to gigabytes and giggerbites? (<— actually happened) Return your phone.

Did you just tell me you added a data feature but your phone still says 3G instead of 4G and you’re wondering when your extra GB will show? Return your device.

Now some advise for tech support:

No your 12 month manufactures warranty does not cover dropping it in the toilet, driving over it, or throwing it against the wall even if you only had it for day.

Are you speaking to me the phone that you need me to trouble shoot? Hang up.

For every single issue a customer will ever need to call about – have you tried turning it off and again? (<– the cure to 99% of tech issues)

On Bills:

Pay your bill. (<– the answer to 99% of billing issues)

On gaining access to the account:

Oh you’re not listed as an authorized user but you pay the bill well now that you’ve screamed that at me 15 times I totally believe you.

So you say you’re the spouse? Well then automatic access for you! (eye-roll)

So this is your account but all you can verify is the name? But you swear its you and I’m a dick for not giving you access … well you did assure me in a very loud serious tone so it must be true! (resist urge to punch computer screen)

This buzzfeed article pretty much sums up my life some people will read it and laugh I read it and cried.











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